Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Why Us?

We specialise in creating solutions  to a limitless number of problems that divers come across when exploring Brockies' Watery Realm.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find hard to find items and to solve any problem you throw at us!

"All of us, with the exception of Emmett, are divers. We understand what divers want, and what’s out there to satisfy that need"

Bristol Channel Diving Services Ltd originally started in 1995 as an inland commercial diving contractor in the UK and abroad. Neil had spent his working life previously working offshore as a diver in the oil and salvage industry.

We noticed a growing trend among friends and customers that they were asking for recreational diving kit, air, and servicing. We were finding the cut-throat inland diving industry hard going, with ever increasing demands being put on us such as ISO 9001, Investors in People etc, and decided that the best way forward was to move into the recreational market. To do this we approached the importers and manufacturers of what we felt were the better brands, Scubapro, AP Valves, Mares, Apeks and Poseidon, and off we went!

We started, as most people do, on a small scale but it soon became evident that there was a definite demand. We supplied air, nitrox and trimix from the outset as well as TDI and IANTD training. We subsequently moved to TDI and PSAI  as our main training providers as we felt these offered a much more flexible and realistic approach to training. In 2002 we moved to our current location at the Timber Yard and put together a much more comprehensive diving facility. We formalized our existing cylinder testing by gaining approval from UKAS and IDEST to conduct cylinder testing in house, in addition to the wide-ranging services we provided in suit, BCD and demand valve repairs. 


In 2003 we were contracted by the then owners of Tidenham Quarry to put together a diving centre, now the well known NDAC. When the original owners moved on and Darren and Kay took over, we stayed on to show them the ropes before returning to our core business in Cardiff.

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