Bristol Channel Diving Services

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There is no such thing as too many toys!

We carry a huge range of accessories needed to either simplify your diving, tidy up your kit configuration or improve the functionality of various different items of your kit.

This includes simple things such as bolt snaps, clips and lanyards used to attach a huge range of ancillary kit to yourself such as the brilliant bungee instrument mounts from DSS. Through to a selection of spring fin straps that make donning and doffing your fins a breeze; and a large range of reels and dSMB's including the brilliant CO2 Signal Marker Buoy from Aquatec that makes deploying your dSMB a complete doddle!

We also carry a large range of knives and cutting tools from small knives suitable for mounting to your BCD; to big knives suitable for battling kraken through to the fantastic Eezycut Trilobite.