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Advanced Nitrox Diver

This two day course enables the diver to utilise EAN up to 100% oxygen, in dives not requiring staged decompression. Required for Advanced closed circuit re-breathers. This is one of our most popular courses, it requires two days of your time, and includes 4 nitrox dives, we want you to get at least 100 minutes bottom time in. We will try to put the course together so that it fits your needs i.e. a couple of evenings tuition, and two Saturday or Sunday mornings of diving, or a weekend course.

This advanced course covers all the topics in the Nitrox Diver course in much greater detail, with in-depth coverage of CNS & whole body oxygen toxicity and tracking, common mixing methods, best mix computations, decompression gas, accelerated decompression, dive planning, gas consumption calculations and equipment considerations, all culminating in certification to use 22% - 100% (oxygen) as a breathing gas.

For this course we have a variety of side mounts, regulators and pony cylinders that we can loan you for your course before you spend your hard earned money on kit before you have used it. The diving on this course is not depth orientated, it’s skills based, what this means is that we teach you new tricks, but your depth limit is decided by your existing qualification.

Includes: Advanced Nitrox Manual & Certification, and all gases collected from us, it excludes site entry etc.

Pre-requisites: Nitrox Diver or equivalent, 25 logged dives, minimum 15 years of age. A Nitrox clean cylinder (we can help you with this) appropriate for the diving we will be doing.

Cost: £260 including cylinders, valves and gases.