Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Banish the stirrup pump for good!

We hold a selection of items specific to PCP air rifle charging.

We carry a range of cylinders designed especially for the charging of PCP air rifles. All cylinders and valves are rated to 300Bar to give you the most from each fill and come complete with fitted rubber boots to give a good base and protect the paint. A removable air-flow restrictor is included with every hose assembly.

If you already own a cylinder, whether it be an old SCUBA diving cylinder or a purpose-made airgun cylinder, you'll need a way of transferring the air to your airgun. For cylinders without gauges and bleeds on their valves,we supply A-clamp or DIN kits that are perfect for the job. However if you've already got a valve with a gauge & bleed or it's all on your gun, then all you might need is a DIN hose assembly kit.

We carry a full stock of spares for a range of airgun products. Ranging from gauges to o-rings, we have everything you need.

We hold a range of accessories as well. Cylinder sleeves to help protect your cylinder whilst travelling or down the club. Or even carry handles to make lugging your cylinder around that little bit easier.