Bristol Channel Diving Services

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BCDs & Wings

Got that sinking feeling?

BCDs come in a vast range of styles, that are designed for different types of diving ranging from standard recreational BCDs to technical wing and harness systems.

We hold a large range of stock in a variety of sizes in traditional BCD's. In addition, we have a comprehensive selection of BCD's specifically for ladies that feature a more tailored fit and added comfort.

Wing? But not sure? We offer a large range of hybrid BCD's that feature the rear inflation of a wing with the familiarity and features of a BCD at the front. These aid achieving horizontal trim in the water and offer a clutter free front. 

Tech or looking to enter the world of technical diving? We have a range of wings and pre-made harnesses available. We also offer a bespoke harness making service where we can make you a harness designed specifically to your needs and made to fit you perfectly based around our own in house designed steel back plate. We are also able to make bespoke side mount diving harnesses based around a specialist plate design.  

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about any of this, we are always happy to help and understand the importance of ensuring you feel comfortable in your kit and that you have the right kit to suit your own diving.