Bristol Channel Diving Services

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       Got gas?

We stock and supply a large range of gases to cover all aspects of diving from recreational to cutting edge technical diving.

Air fills 232bar
Up to 3L
 Up to 7L
 Up to 15L
 Up to 24L
 Over 24L      
air fills 300bar
Up to 3L
 Up to 15L
Up to 24L
Over 24L
EAN 21 - 32
EAN 33 - 43
EAN 44 - 50
EAN 51 - 81
EAN 82 - 100  


Helium based fills cost £0.05 per litre of He & £3.00 fixed oxygen charge. Due to global shortages, there has been a recent spike in Helium prices. We try to absorb this cost as much as we can, but unfortunately our prices have had to change to reflect this. We review these prices monthly.

No need to empty your cylinders, we have a booster pump and helium analyser and we are more than happy to remix

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Cylinder Rental

We have J and half J size cylinders available for rental for filling with diluents and pre-mixes so you can bulk purchase mixes and then decant from them to your cylinders.

We also allow customers to store their pre-mixes on site and utilise our booster pump to fill their own cylinders if notified in advance - a small charge applies.

Please contact us for more information