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Jess Mitchell, Danny Copeland, and Sam Dixon undergoing chamber training.

HSE Scuba

The HSE SCUBA diving certificate is an Approved Diving Qualification under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 (DWR).
The possession of an Approved Diving Qualification is a legal requirement in the UK to undertake any commercial diving activity. This is the first step in that process.
In particular, the HSE SCUBA qualification satisfies the requirement of the Media, Scientific and Archaeological, Shellfish, and certain Inland/Inshore diving operations.

Training and assessment for this qualification can only be provided by HSE Diver Competence Assessment Organisations. As you can see, in the UK there are not many that offer this level of diver training! 
We are the only centre of it’s type in Wales offering this training and assessment service, and one of only 8 in the UK offering assessment to individual divers as opposed to the police or military services.

Diving at work means diving to get to your place of work (eg. camera operator, scientific diver, safety diver etc) and is very different from the recreational diving world where you control your own dive. We will teach you how to use a variety of equipment, including full face masks, Exo 26, Guardian’s and AGA’s, through water communications, tethered hard wire comm’s, line signals, and recompression chamber operations - all with the emphasis on the media diving environment.

To make this happen, the course is overseen and supervised by a team of people who are acknowledged and respected as being bang up to date and current in today’s media and working environment. Richard Bull has a track record as long as your arm, supervising projects such as the BBC’s “Oceans”, Amazon Abyss and “Blue Planet 1 & 2” will be supervising and instructing on all but the boat dives. These will be managed by Ian Taylor, one of the UK’s leading dive boat skippers, a Weymouth offshore lifeboat Cox’n, and a working commercial diver to boot.

You will be constantly assessed as you progress through the 10 days training, and any weak areas will be worked on to ensure you come away from the course with the right skills and the knowledge to safely and successfully integrate into the working arena.

This is not a course to be taken lightly, it is a career move and requires dedication and commitment to see it through.

Course Duration is 10 days, run Monday to Friday over two consecutive weeks.

For more information on the HSE Scuba course, email us for a fact sheet or give us a call to talk through your training requirements.