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Cylinder Testing Technician

From 1st July 2009, the HSE requirement for a "competent person" to carry out cylinder inspection and testing was defined as:

A: Appointment by the Secretary of State for Transport for the inspection of gas cylinders

B: Working within the terms of an industry accredited scheme such as that operated by SITA/IDEST

A centre employing more than 3 testing technicians will need to apply for accreditation as an inspection body directly to UKAS under provision a)

The Cylinder Test Technicians who are assessed by SITA/IDEST will be able to seek appointment as "Cylinder Test Technicians" for the periodic inspection of transportable breathing gas cylinders and will meet the requirements of the HSE guidance for the inspection and test of diving and breathing gas cylinders only.

We can facilitate “in house” training to the high standard IDEST requires, you will need to set aside  up to 5 days over a period of time to spend in the workshop (subject to your previous experience) learning from scratch how to visually and hydraulically test cylinders.  We cannot guarantee your IDEST assessment will be a pass, that’s down to you to achieve and show the IDEST inspector that you know you are competent, but we can show you what’s required to reach that standard and give you the experience and knowledge to safely test cylinders to this widely accepted standard.

What’s our background in this? 
We have been testing cylinders for almost 20 years, we have trained many technicians from other dive centres to do this as well. Ashley Bryce, National Diving and Activity Centre, Ceri Jones, Haven Diving Services, Richard Frost, Frogspawn Diving,  The staff at Wraysbury Dive Centre, and many others.
Neil sits on the IDEST steering committee as a committee member.

Cylinder testing follows two paths, that of the competency of the tester and that of the facilities of the test centre, we can advise you on both, and work with you to ensure your success at gaining IDEST recognition.

The price of this course depends greatly on your prior experience and knowledge in this area but call us to discuss a price.