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Nitrox & Mixed Gas Blending

This one day course trains students as a nitrox blender and an advanced gas blender which includes use of Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, Heliair, helium analysers and Haskel pumps etc. 


This one day course teaches students the knowledge necessary for mixed gas blending, a basic requirement if you are looking to blend gases within a club environment or if you're looking for work in the diving industry. Blending your own trimix can save a fortune over purchasing the gas in some shops. We put a lot of emphasis on hands on blending so that you actually make a wide selection of gases using a simple blending whip, to boosting gases with one of our Haskel pumps.

Includes: Advanced Gas Blender Manual & Certification.

Pre-requisites: Minimum 18 years of age

Cost: £150