Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Nitrox Diver

This basic half day entry level course enables divers to utilise EAN from 22% to 40% oxygen. This is a prerequisite for semi or closed circuit re-breathers. No diving is required but we are more than happy to arrange an accompanied dive should you require one.


The course covers the history of Nitrox, its advantages, and disadvantages, oxygen toxicity, equivalent air depths, maximum operating depths, nitrox computers and gas analysis. We provide all the manuals, tea, coffee etc, no dives are involved unless you request them as an extra and all that is required by you is a calculator and some modicum of common sense.

This is a very straight forward course and is not at all difficult, we have never had a diver fail it yet!

Includes: Nitrox Manual & Certification.

Pre-requisites: Open Water Diver or equivalent, minimum 15 years of age.

Cost: £90 or Nitrox Diver with one supervised dive £135