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O2 Service Technician

This course is aimed at those who wish to prepare their equipment for use with nitrox, and, or oxygen service; or just wish to have the ability to do so should the need arise, perhaps whilst on an expedition. It is also suitable for people who are in more remote locations and may have no other cost effective method of preparing their equipment. It is aimed at people who are in the dive industry or, who wish to move into this field.

This is not a repair course, it is meant to be run in addition to the usual manufacturers courses. The course is aimed specifically at O2 cleaning, however, over the years we have learnt that the bulk of our customers need a better grounding in equipment dismantling, rebuilding and trouble shooting, so to this end, it is a three day course.


One day is spent on theory, risks, record keeping and your responsibilities etc, and then a small amount of time on jackets, wings, and ancillary equipment. We will then spend at least two days just stripping, O2 cleaning and rebuilding firstly our equipment. Then, when your competence and confidence has risen, your own cylinders and equipment. Due to this, we limit the number of brand “types” to just two, thus giving you plenty of opportunity to have hands on experience and not have your time watered down too much.

We tend to run the course on a one to one basis, or, up to 2 people on the course, and we only run it on weekdays (preferably Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, though we are flexible). We are happy to run it with three people if you request it however, the maximum number of students we will normally teach at any one time is two, this means you get a better student to instructor ratio.

You need to be qualified in nitrox gas blending, (if you're not speak to us and this can be arranged whilst you're here) and need a reasonable understanding of tools in general, and, a dash of common sense!


You will be required to show us you are already in the diving industry, or actively seeking work in the diving industry and have attended a manufacturers service course, again, speak to us if this is a problem.

As you may be aware, the course is not recognized by the various UK importers and factories.


We will support you where we can in locating the spares, service kits or special tools, manufacturers drawings and manuals and cylinder labels that may be required for the equipment you have worked on with us, at our workshop.


You must view this course with the following provisos:

 This course is an O2 service technician course, it will teach you the correct way to O2 clean diving equipment, it is not meant to replace the factory training courses you will have been on and no part of this training is designed to override what the factory / importer courses teach you.

One of the issues you should address in your risk assessment, is that as time goes by, the manufacturers sometimes change the way they do things, products can be subject to recalls, and manufactures or importers issue product updates etc, it must be fully understood that we cannot, and do not, keep you up to date with these changes as they happen. That is your responsibility to do so via your factory / importer support.

Also, whilst most brands require just some small, good quality hand tools, some brands require a lot of expensive specialist tools to complete the job successfully, to the degree that working on your own equipment is not necessarily a cost effective option, but at least you would know it’s been done properly!

The Department of Transport rules on cylinder testing means the course does not include cylinder testing, just oxygen cleaning, however, you are given an overview of any of the legal requirements that may apply to you, and the cylinder testing process.

We offer the use of our facilities to local divers or technicians who have done the course with us to come in on Saturdays to O2 clean their own equipment whilst supervised by us, but without having to buy the tools and other equipment.

Includes: O2 Service Technician Manual & Certification.

Pre-requisites: Minimum 18 years of age. Qualified as a Nitrox blender, working within the Dive Industry or seeking work. You need a reasonable understanding of nitrox, tools in general, and a dash of common sense!

Cost: £375 which includes all the Manuals & Certification, 2 x 1st Stage Service Kits and 2 x 2nd Stage Service Kits. Tools are provided for the duration of the course. And, as you're cleaning and servicing your own valves, most people usually manage 4 to 6 valves and 2 or 3 cylinders, you are saving over £300 at dive shop rates.

It excludes any accommodation, food etc, though tea, coffee, biscuits and banter are provided in abundance.