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RAPID Program™ Rescue Diver 

The PSAI RAPID Program™ Rescue Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to learn the skills necessary to complete self-rescue and “buddy assistance” rescues in the recreational diving environment. The PSAI RAPID Program™ places an emphasis on being proactive in prevention skills, thus lowering the probability of actually having to affect a full rescue. 

The course covers contributory factors in diving accidents, proactive accident prevention and management, diving maladies, hazardous marine life, stress and panic, the rescue response and incident and emergency management. This course is possibly one of the most enjoyable and informative diving courses you will ever complete and will not only benefit you, but also your buddy. One of the most comprehensive rescue courses in the sport diving arena, the contents of the PSAI RAPID Program™ Manual will leave you in no doubt that PSAI leads the way in Rescue Diver Programs, with a strong emphasis on accident and incident prevention.

Prerequisites: Student shall be at least fifteen years of age, have a minimum of 25 logged OW dives and hold a current Primary First Aid Certificate. (This can be included with the course for a small additional cost).

Includes: The PSAI RAPID Program™ Rescue Diver manual and certification; all equipment and gases collected from us. It excludes any site entry fees etc. 

Cost: £295.00 based on diving at a local inland dive site, on a 'one to one' basis. Discounts are available for two or more students.