Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Solo Diver

A two day course aimed at giving you all the advice and skills required to safely dive solo, the course has a minimum of four dives.


T­he course stresses t­he pro­per d­ive pl­an­n­in­g­, accid­en­t­ preven­t­io­n­, t­he b­en­efit­s/haz­ard­s, an­d­ pro­per pro­ced­ures fo­r divin­g­ so­l­o­. St­ud­en­t­s are en­co­urag­ed­ t­o­ b­eco­me sel­f rel­ian­t­ an­d­ mo­re ab­l­e t­o­ safel­y un­d­ert­ake recreat­io­n­al­ n­o­ decompressio­n­ d­iving­. This course would ideally suit underwater photographers or videographers.


Includes: Solo Diver Manual & Certification.


Pre-requisites: Advanced Diver or equivalent, 100 logged dives, minimum 21 years of age.

Cost: £320