Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Chose from the new Nautilus Lifeline at just £195.00, and we stock all the accessories as well. Or, the Ocean Signal PLB1 at £199.95. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes and probably much more useful !

Suunto DX

A one off Suunto DX watch, brand new, this watch is the top of the range Suunto. OC & CCR compatible.

We have reduced it to £600 as we lost the box !

Atomic Regulator Package. 

B2 1st and 2nd stage with a Z2 octo...

Only £650

Save over £100

Free Octopus 

When selected Apeks regulator are purchased. Avalible till the 31st December 2012. 

More info + TC's

Aqualung i750TC 

 £600 complete with transmitter this is an easy to use, up to date, full function dive computer from Aqualung.

Check out the prices on line and we are probably the lowest price you will find that includes the transmitter.

Scubapro G2

The all conquering G2 complete with transmitter is the next generation to replace the Gallileo computers.Easy to read TFT screen, bluetooth download, and simple 3 button operation make this a great dive computer.

                                                        Discounted down to £757.36

Scubapro M2 dive computer.

This great wrist watch style computer is gas integrated (the transmitter is included in the price) it also has the heart rate monitor, is a three gas technical computer capable of both OC & CCR. All                                                                           for........£650