Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Everyone likes getting wet once in a while

We stock an impressive selection of quality wetsuits, semi-drysuits and accessories (gloves, boots and hoods). We offer styles from a range of manufacturers including O'Three, Fourth Element and Scubapro.

Selecting the correct wetsuit to meet your needs is key. Characteristics to consider are thickness, style (full length or short) and a host of other features including zips, knee pads and types of seal. In addition, having the right fit is crucial to its future performance and efficiency. For these reasons we strongly recommend that you give us a call or visit to have a look at the suits we stock, get honest and useful advice and try them on before you make a purchase.

It is important not to forget your head, hands and feet so we hold a range of Fourth Element and O'Three accessories. These are designed to give maximum dexterity and comfort without compromising on thermal protection.