Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Quality Guarantee


To give a picture of the quality we provide with our servicing, we regularly deal with the MOD, testing cylinders and instruments that are vital for their safety while carrying out work underwater.

Servicing Facilities

Bristol Channel Diving Services operates a leading service and repair workshop. Neil has been in the industry since 1981 and has over 35 years of experience, and the rest of the team are highly skilled in a number of different areas.

All of the work is done in house utilising our exceptional workshop facilities (With the exception of neoprene suit repairs which are returned back to the factory). We believe it's important that the end user, you the customer, can discuss any issues you might have with your equipment when you bring it in for a service or repair, with the person who is going to service it. We learnt a long time ago that many divers require that their demand valves and equipment is set up in a particular way that suits their diving. If you wanted to, you can even make an appointment with us and watch it being serviced, and if you don't have the time to do this your always more than welcome to come into the workshop anytime to look at the standard we work to in the workshop.

The team have developed unrivalled expertise in this area, utilizing factory training and backup, and the correct diagnostic equipment to ensure that your equipment, which after all is your life support when you are underwater, is properly prepared for your diving experiences. If you have any doubt’s about the care and trouble we go to, then take a look at a small selection of who we have taken factory service training from.

The training certificates are on the wall, and, with some of these manufacturers, such as Scubapro, we take a three year refresher courses to keep up to date with what's new.

We recommend that you have your gear serviced well before you need it for that important dive trip and, that you dive it before you go, as regulators in particular can settle and require final tweak in adjustment to achieve optimum performance.

We try to hold in stock every service kit for all the manufacturers we are authorized with, and in addition, every single component for Poseidon, Scubapro, and Apeks is held in stock to enable us to meet your schedules or solve your last minute problems.
We are often approached by the other local dive shops to service their customers equipment !

It is important for obvious reasons that you should get your equipment serviced by a factory authorised service centre. This means any changes to procedures or parts are automatically sent to us so we can adjust the service procedure safely.
The links below are to the various manufacturers websites showing dealer / service centre locations. ALWAYS ask if the shop or the person you use for servicing are factory authorised service centres !