Bristol Channel Diving Services

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Dive Training

Here at Bristol Channel Diving Services we offer a wide spectrum of courses from Beginners all the way to Advanced Technical Diving, all supplied within our approach of  "...supplying training tailored to suit your needs".


Under the skilled gaze of Neil Brock we can help you take your diving further in the pursuit of going deeper, for longer, and safer, or maybe taking your first steps into the silent world of rebreather diving.


Neil lives and breathes diving and has been diving for over 46 years, 37 years now as a diving professional, and it is this experience that he offers you as well as his technical expertise. He has carved out a well earned reputation within these respective spheres of diving.

Neil is also an instructor trainer for the Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI), so if you meet all the criteria and have the experience, skills and knowledge, we can assist you in becoming a nitrox instructor through to an advanced trimix instructor, you set your own goals.

Most of our courses are run on a one to one basis, with a maximum of two to one for all open water work. All our wet courses are fully compliant with the Diving at Work Regulations 1997, in particular, the Recreational ACoPs.


Recreational Diving

We offer a full range of courses that take you from learning to dive through to Divemaster!

Technical Diving

If you're interested in furthering your skills or trying your hand at something completely new then check out our Technical Diving Courses!


We are now able to offer the HSE SCUBA diving certificate which is required undertake any commercial diving activity in the UK.

Rebreather Diving

We offer comprehensive air and trimix training on the Poseidon MK VI and SE7EN rebreather.

Specialist Advice and Training

We offer a variety of full face mask and specialist communications training exclusively for Presenters, Artists and Stunt Co-ordinators

Workshop and First Aid

We offer extensive workshop training covering regulators, gas blending and cylinder testing. We also offer in depth first aid training.