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"Making films underwater can be demanding, difficult and frustrating. I have to do my best to help directors and producers achieve their goals even if those goals are bordering on the impossible. I have to keep presenters happy because that's the only way they are going to make a good job of presenting underwater. The diving equipment used on underwater film shoots is anything but straightforward and usually involves full face masks with a sound recording device attached, underwater communications and filming lights. An equipment problem will throw the whole production off course with the presenter put off by the problem and cameramen, sound recordists and all manner of people standing around doing nothing but getting paid. In short, I can't afford to have equipment problems and that's why I depend on the services of Bristol Channel Diving."

Richard Bull

Managing Director - Oceanaire Diving Services Ltd.


"I can't stress enough the importance of experienced advice in the diving world and with Neil Brock, you'll find no better person to consult in the country. Neil is a thoroughly professional long-standing instructor and as far as I'm concerned he's my first port of call whenever I need some direction. Indeed all the staff at Bristol Channel are extremely knowledgeable and I'd have to say they command my complete respect. Servicing, for example is an area where it is essential that the job be done properly. When it comes to looking after your valves I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Neil and his team; I trust them completely. I routinely utilise their services for cylinder testing as well and while I may have been diving for 40 years I will state openly that Neil's all round experience is far in excess of my own, so much so that it was Neil that I went to when my rebreather had to be set up. I cannot commend the guys enough... I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Martyn Farr

Explorer, Photographer, Lecturer and Author

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"Exploring flooded caves particularly in British conditions requires a very varied array of dive kit configurations from a single 3l cylinder to multi stage cylinder mixed gas dives. I had always found it difficult to find a dive shop that would look outside of the box and was interested enough to take the time to provide support and advice to solve the kit  problems I have encountered, most seemed to look down on the archaic activity with suspicion.


When moving to Wales I was worried this would turn out to be the case here too. However I still recall my first chat with Brocky. I was weary but needed some advice on a deep diving project I was involved in, Speedwell Cavern, Derbyshire. The response I got was overwhelmingly positive and through the support of Bristol Channel Diving our team was the first to break the 70m depth barrier in a British Cave. That was a long time ago now, but I’ve never looked back and Bristol Channel Diving is my first port of call when seeking technical advice regarding equipment, whether working on a local project, planning the next expedition or just tackling a new idea. It is not only their expertise in technical diving but also the unique insight that can be gained from talking to someone who has years of commercial diving experience. What really puts them apart is a genuine interest in working with you to come up with a solution to a problem.



Over the last decade Bristol Channel Diving has been instrumental in supporting UK based projects and numerous expeditions to Austria, Canada, Ireland  and New Zealand, where major advances have been made into difficult cave systems; that support is also essential for the all important training and build up phases prior to trips. For many of these expeditions diving is simply a means of getting to ever more remote sections of dry cave and as such the diving equipment is merely a tool; Bristol Channel Diving has always helped ensure that we always get the right tool for the job and this has always been their top priority when providing equipment.


In the harsh world of cave exploration the kit often takes a fair bashing and once beyond the jokes on the state of the gear their servicing and repair support has always been second to none. It never ceases to amaze me when, after a few minutes rummaging in the back, some obscure spare part, just what is needed, is found. On countless occasions last minute repairs have been needed prior to a trip and the guys have always come up trumps. It is with great peace of mind that each expedition starts with equipment that you know is in top form.


Without the support of Bristol Channel Diving I know that our diving endeavours over the last decade would not have been anywhere near as successful. You can always guarantee on returning from a venture that a pot of coffee will be waiting alongside an eager ear to hear how things went."


Martin Groves
Cave Explorer

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